They are the most complicated thermal installations in Lower Dacia. Today, less than half of the ruins of the thermae are preserved. It seems that they were used both by the soldiers stationed in the Drobeta Castrum and by the civilian population. They were built by soldiers of the Leg. V Macedonica once with the castrum, and at the beginning of the third century they were rebuilt and "modernized" by a detachment of Cohort I Sagittariorum, led by Aurelius Mercurius, magister in Figlinis (master brickworker).

In addition to the usual facilities of some thermae, such as the fire room (PRAEFURNIUM), the steam room (LACONICUM), the bath room (CALDARIUM), the cold water room (FRIGIDARIUM) and others, in the north there were reading rooms and a space for exercises and sports competitions, PALESTRA.

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