The "Teodor Costescu" Cultural Palace (1864-1939) is one of the emblematic edifices of the city.

It bears the name of the teacher and the politician who initiated its construction, during which time he was the director of the "Traian" High School and president of the "Turnu Severin City Theatre" Society.

Although the works were started in 1912, because of the First World War they ceased, which is why in 1916 the construction was in red and covered. After 1918, the works were resumed, with many financial efforts, to which the inhabitants of the city also contributed, which is why in 1924 the beginning of the rich cultural activity was inaugurated.

In addition to being included among the historical monuments, it is also part of UNESCO.

Here they functioned in its heyday: a library, a cinema, a restaurant, a museum, an event hall and a theater hall.

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