The initiative to build the Roman Catholic Parish was launched in 1860, to satisfy the spiritual needs of the community of this religion in the city, marked in number and material condition. Thus, in 1858, the Catholic community in Severin numbered 600 souls, which determined the appointment of a stable priest.

Also in 1860, N. A. Niculescu, former prefect of Mehedinti, donates 2 places for the construction of the church. Turnu Severin Parish was established in 1861, by appointing the Franciscan priest Probus Szabo as a stable missionary in the area.

The intermediary between the Roman Catholic community and the administrative authorities for the construction of the church was for a while dr. Carol Davila.

N.A. donation Niculescu was not recognized by the city hall until 1864, at the intervention of the central authorities. This year, the preparations for the erection of the church and, at the same time, of the school of the Catholic community begin. The divergences between the Catholic community in the city and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest led to the postponement of the beginning of the construction of the church until 1885.

The construction was made in the Neo-Gothic style, the church having the following dimensions: length 26 m, width 13 m, tower 28 m, with a ship of 19 m long and 10.5 m wide, the elder having 8.25 m long and 5.53 m wide.

The church was finished and consecrated in 1887 by Paul I. Palma, Archbishop of Bucharest, accompanied by Hippolyte Agosto, Bishop of Nicopolis.

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