Being a main industrial port on the Danube, under the conditions of free trade, Turnu-Severin facilitated the penetration of Austrian and Western capital by stimulating the exchange of material values necessary for the economic development of modern Romania.

On May 8, 1866, Prince Carol I disembarked at Severin to take over the leadership of Romania. Four years later, in 1870, received in the port of Severin with great pomp, she steps for the first time on the land of Romania, Queen Elizabeth (1843-1916).

In 1890, the Romanian River Service on the Danube (SFR) was founded in Turnu Severin. For the development of its own river traffic, in 1893, the Romanian state buys from the Austrian Society of Steam Navigation on the Danube (DDSG) the shipyard.

Today, the port of Severin is in the coordination of the National Company for the Administration of The Ports of the Fluvial Danube SA Giurgiu, being a river-type port, allowing the bedding of barges up to 3000 tons.

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