The church "Saint John the Baptist", also known with the name of its founders ? "Grecescu", is located near the former hospital that also bore the name of "Grecescu Hospital".

Initially, the founder had intended to build the church in the center of the city and to call it the "Diocese of Severin", a fact that did not materialize because the authorities of the time refused to assign the land on which the church was to be built, and the boyar Ioan Stoian Grecescu, a cattle merchant, began to build the hospital with the material originally intended for the church, in 1866.

The desire to build a church was fulfilled, however, after two flats were obtained with great efforts ? 1214 and 1215 ? near the hospital that was being built.

The works were carried out according to the plans of the architect Enderle from Bucharest, they were supervised by Ing. Iulian Simion and Popovici continued quickly, but in 1873, dying Ion Stoian and Ioana Grecescu, the works were carried out until the end due to the support of the testamentary grandchildren of the founder.

The church is shaped like a cross according to the plans of the architect Enderle after the model of the Curtea de Arges monastery. At the entrance there is a vestibule followed by the nave, narthea and altar separated by arces. Also, the church has two open spires and two concrete spiral spires.

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