The cornerstone of the Church of St. Elijah the Thesvitean was laid in 1991, the works starting in 1992. They were interrupted for a while, being resumed in 1998, currently the construction is already on the roof, the tower on the narthex being built entirely. The holy place is designed in the Byzantine style, will have an area of 500 square meters and two towers of 18 and 26 meters high respectively.

Until the completion of the construction of the new church, the service is officiated in a temporary construction, which is known by the Severinians as the "Cardboard Church". Around the church it is planned to arrange a park by the city hall, which will be called the Youth Park.

The "cardboard church", so named because the main material from which it was built is cardboard, the walls are entirely made of cardboard, supported by wide metal "slats" on the central side so as not to bend. Officially the church received the name of Saint Elijah the Thesvitean, in 1990, the year in which it was assembled. The purpose of the church was to gather the faithful from crihala neighborhood for services.

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