The Water Castle (Castle of Arts), a real symbol of the municipality of Drobeta Turnu Severin, has become not only the landmark of a touristic point of the city near the Danube, but also one of the most important attractions for foreigners. Along with the Trajan Bridge Foot and the ruins of the Severin Fortress, the Water Castle became the emblematic building of the city.

The tower was born in 1910, when at that time, it supplied the town of Turnu Severin with water.

The project of the Water Castle in Drobeta was approved by the Communal Council, on June 10, 1910, according to the plans of the engineer Elie Radu. The castle was to be located at the highest elevation in the city, at 104 meters altitude for an advantageous distribution in all areas of the city.

The castle was ready in 1913 and inaugurated a year later, when the entire water supply system of the city was put into operation.

It was rehabilitated on European funds and now visitors can take a tour of the tower, can watch an exhibition about Ada Kaleh Island (an islet whose name comes from Turkish and means "Fortress Island" and which was entirely covered by the waters of the reservoir at Iron Gates I, in 1970), another exhibition entitled "The Severin of yesteryear" and many others.

From the top floor of the tower you can see a delightful view over Severin, a telescope being installed up there.

Visitors must pay an entrance ticket to the tower. For pupils and students, visiting the Arts Castle costs 3 lei, and for adults 5 lei.

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